དཀའ་ཚེགས་ཡེ་མི་དགོས་པར་གོ་ལ་ཇེ་ཆུང་དང་འབྲེལ་འདྲིས་ཇེ་ཉེ་རུ་ཐུབ་པའི་དྲ་ཚིགས་ལ་བརྟེན་ནས་དྲང་བདེན་རིགས་པའི་བླང་དོར་གསལ་བའི་སྒྲོན་མེ་ཞིག་སྦར་ན་བསམས། བདག་ནི་སྐྱེས་སྦྱང་གི་ཡོན་ཏན་ན་ཕྲ་ཡང་ལྷག་བསམ་དྲང་བདེན་གྱི་བསམ་པ་རྒྱ་ཆེ་བས་རྒྱལ་བསྟན་སྤྱི་དང་བོད་རང་གི་གནའ་དེང་གི་རིག་གཞུང་ལ་གོམས་འདྲིས་ཀྱི་མྱོང་ཚོར་དག་ངོ་ལྐོག་མེད་པར་རྒྱལ་ཕྱི་ནང་གི་རང་རིགས་སྤུན་མཆེད་དག་ལ་དམ་པའི་ཆོས་དང་མཐུན་མི་མཐུན་གྱི་བཟང་ངན་ཤན་འབྱེད་ཅིག་ཐུན་མིན་བོད་རང་གི་སྐད་ཡིག་ལས་སྟོན་པར་འདོད་ཐལ།




མཚན་ཉིད་ཀུན་ལྡན་དམ་ཆོས་བླ་མར་མི་ཕྱེད་དད་གུས་ངེས་པར་ཤེས། ། རིགས་དྲུག་འགྲོ་བར་བཅོས་མིན་སྙིང་རྗེས་བདག་ལས་གཞན་གཅེས་སེམས་པར་ཞེན། ། གཡོ་སྒྱུའི་དཔུང་ལ་ངོ་བསྟོད་མི་བྱར་རང་གཤིས་དྲང་བདེན་ཕྲག་ཏུ་བཞེས། སད་རྨིར་དྲང་སྲོང་རྟུལ་ཞུགས་དཔལ་ལྡན་ཐབས་ཤེས་དགྱེས་པའི་གྲུབ་མཐའ་སྐྱོང་། །


༄༅།། ཨེ་མ་ཧོའི་རིག་མཛོད་།
མཚན་ཉིད་ཀུན་ལྡན་དམ་ཆོས་བླ་མར་མི་ཕྱེད་དད་གུས་ངེས་པར་ཤེས། ། རིགས་དྲུག་འགྲོ་བར་བཅོས་མིན་སྙིང་རྗེས་བདག་ལས་གཞན་གཅེས་སེམས་པར་ཞེན། ། གཡོ་སྒྱུའི་དཔུང་ལ་ངོ་བསྟོད་མི་བྱར་རང་གཤིས་དྲང་བདེན་ཕྲག་ཏུ་བཞེས། སད་རྨིར་དྲང་སྲོང་རྟུལ་ཞུགས་དཔལ་ལྡན་ཐབས་ཤེས་དགྱེས་པའི་གྲུབ་མཐའ་སྐྱོང་། །
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Saturday, 9 November 2013
ཨེ་ཝྃ་འཐེབ་རྩ་ཚོགས་པའི་སྐོར་དག ༢ དབྱིན་ཡིག

BASIC NEEDS Elders listening to Rinpoche's teaching The category of basic needs for orphans and elders includes their food and clothing. Even though it takes only $10 per month per person to provide the basic food articles for orphans and elders, this adds up to $1800 to be raised every month. Despite kind support of Khenchen Rinpoche's students from Malaysia, Singapore, and the USA, covering this amount each month has become more and more challenging. To make the orphanage and elder house more sustainable, Rinpoche, together with his students and a local businessman in Tibet, came up with an initiative to purchase yaks for the orphanage and elder center. The Dharma Tara yak farm was established in spring 2008 and has been providing milk and dairy products that are an essential part of Tibetan diet since then. Even though this initiative cut cost of the basic needs by about 30%, it will take additional 2 years until the yak farm can provide all of the dairy product needs for the orphanage and elder center. Hence, there is an ongoing need to cover the food expenses. Regular monthly donations of any amount are especially helpful in this regard.

In addition to groceries, there is also the need for clothing for orphans and elders. Donations for this purpose are most needed in late October to prepare for the harsh winter conditions.

DHARMA TARA YAK FARM snow yak snow yak
The Vision
In an effort to make the orphanage and elder center more sustainable, Rinpoche and his students developed a project aimed at providing long-term food contribution to the orphanage through an orphanage-owned yak farm. The Dharma Tara Yak Farm is managed free of charge by a local businessman in Tibet and is providing the orphans and elders with dairy products - the main part of diet in Tibet. Yaks purchased for the orphanage and elder center will never be killed for meat. Between 50-70 yaks are needed to provide for the 180 orphans and elders. Any excess dairy products will be in the future sold for purchase of other food articles for the orphanage. Khenchen Rinpoche is very hopeful about this project because it will provide for the orphans and elders as well as help sustain the traditional way of care for yaks. With recent changes in Tibet, increasing numbers of yaks are being raised for meat and slaughtered in a cruel way.
Progress Report
To launch the project, one of Khenchen Rinpoche's students donated funds for the first 15 yaks in May 2008. Funds for additional 5 yaks were donated by Rinpoche's Chinese students. Most recently, Rinpoche's students from the Dharmakirti College in the USA made a donation for purchase of additional 5 yaks. The herd has currently 42 yaks because 7 baby yaks have been born since May 2008 and this number will grow every year (see picture below). We are very grateful to those who contributed to this project so far! Thanks to your support the start of the project has been a great success!
Yaks 2008
Current Needs of the Yak Farm
Rinpoche with baby yaks

Funds are currently needed for two workers who are in charge of the daily care for the yaks - this amounts to about $1800 per year. We will also appreciate any funds for purchase of additional yaks planned for Spring 2010. The cost of one yak is $200 in spring and it is slightly more in early summer. Please, consider donating to this worthy project. If you would like to receive a newsletter about progress of the Dharma Tara Yak Farm issued twice a year, please, send an e-mail to awamfoundation@live.com.
HOUSING Outline for orphanage and elder house updated 27 August 2013


Watch a video in English or Chinese or download a flyer! Most of the 141 orphans are currently staying in traditional Tibetan tents without proper heating and protection from the elements. They sleep on carpets in the tents and as a result often suffer from frost-bites and cold during the harsh Tibetan winter. Classes are currently held in a house of a local Rinpoche who kindly offered his facilities as a temporary solution. Clearly, the housing situation for the orphans is neither appropriate nor sustainable. Therefore, providing a suitable housing for the orphans has been one of the priorities of AWAM Foundation from the start.

Khenchen Lama Rinpoche has been working hard on creating opportunities for providing the orphanage housing and getting initial funding. In June 2013 an opportunity arose to build the housing for orphanage this summer with a significant discount on the cost. This is due to generosity and good will of a local builder who significantly lowered the building price to help the orphanage. He himself volunteered to work on the project for free and is only requiring to cover the cost rather than to make a profit. The builder will also provide a 20 year guarantee on the building. The work would be undertaken with the support of the local government and officials who approved the building project. The house would provide 24 rooms for children and 2 large rooms for educational and social activities.

The cost of the building is 500,000 Yuan (approx. 82,000 USD). Rinpoche's students from Malaysia have already committed to provide the first 100,000 Yuan ($16,400). Another 100,000 Yuan is needed as soon as possible in order to start with the construction. The building project can be completed in 2 months. The work can not be done due to weather conditions in winter which starts in that area at the beginning of October. So for children to be able to stay in the building this winter, we need to raise 100,000 Yuan in the next 3-4 weeks and then the rest (300,000 Yuan) by the end of September/beginning of October. If we do not manage to raise the funds this year, the cost will go up next year by approximately 100,000 Yuan.

HEALTH CLINIC AWAM Dharma Hospital sign

Dear friends,

I am very happy to share the joyous news that sufficient funds have been raised to purchase the house in eastern Tibet which will serve as a hospital for orphans in my orphanage, elders and the local community. Thank you so much for all the help and generosity you have provided for this valuable project. The local people in this region have very limited transportation means and would often spend long hours, even days riding a horse or carrying a sick child on their back in order to get medical help. The new hospital will significantly improve their access to medical treatment and reduce their suffering.
AWAM Dharma Hospital doctors, nurses and orphansI had the idea about the hospital for a while, but without your generosity it was like a grass without the rain. Your help was needed for this opportunity to come to fruition. I have given the new hospital the name AWAM Dharma Hospital. This name represents the union of compassion and wisdom manifested in your actions which resulted in the establishment of the hospital and which will guide its functioning.

The house sale has been finalized and remodeling work preparing the house for use as a hospital is now finished. This included repainting of the rooms and the fence around the property, landscaping of a small garden, and preparation of some rooms of the house for storage of medicines. The hospital is now fully functioning with two Tibetan doctors and 3 nurses. The activities of the hospital started with an opening ceremony on August 12 which involved extensive medicine Buddha meditations and was attended by 21 lamas and close to 200 local people.

AWAM Dharma Hospital Pharmacy I rejoice in all the good karma that resulted from this project, both for people in Tibet who will benefit from it for years to come and for those who contributed to it in any way. I will keep you informed about the latest developments with the hospital. I am very grateful for all your help with this project.

Dharma blessings,

Khenchen Lama Rinpoche
EDUCATION Manjushri When Khenchen Lama Rinpoche started the orphanage, one of the main priorities was to make sure that orphans receive the best education available in the area. To this aim, arrangements were made to cover the basic educational needs for the orphanage. Currently, there are four teachers: 2 monks from a near monastery and 2 local teachers. The curriculum focuses on reading and writing in Tibetan language, Tibetan history and culture, basic algebra, and Chinese language. The orphans also receive basic instructions on meditation practice.

Khenchen Rinpoche's strong wish is that the curriculum would in the future include English language, basics of Tibetan medicine, arts and literature. AWAM Foundation also aims to establish a scholarship fund that would enable the most talented children from the orphanage to gain further education at the college level. It is envisioned that as a part of the application process for the scholarships, interested students from the orphanage would develop projects of further benefit for the orphans and elders. If you would like to contribute to this aspect of the activities of AWAM Foundation, please contact us at awamfoundation@live.com.
SUPPORT Guardian King of Samsara AWAM Foundation is entirely run by volunteers and all funds go directly to projects supporting orphans and elders. Your donations will make the efforts of AWAM Foundation reality. We appreciate regular monthly donations to cover the basic needs of orphans and elders as well as one-time donations of any amount for the other fundraising categories. You can choose to contribute to one of our projects that you consider especially worthy, or you can provide a general donation to be used where it is needed most.

If you would like to make a donation in Malaysia, you can contact Yeshe Chosdron through e-mail sunnyhokc@yahoo.com or call 0060122295663

Donations in the USA can be sent in form of checks to the address of AWAM Foundation:

AWAM Foundation
301 N Longfellow Ave
Tucson AZ 85711
Bank transfers are also possible, please, contact us about the details.

All donations will be used for charitable purposes within 501(c)3 requirements.



Ho Family
A simple couple, Sunny Ho and Emily Chan, are both born and native to Klang town in the state of Selangor in Malaysia . Being a Malaysian Chinese, both Sunny and Emily were exposed to both the Buddhist and Taoist teachings from early age, passed down from parents but the teachings were never taken up seriously then. Buddhist philosophy was never really a thought in the mind, never in depth, and the thought of as long as we were kind at heart and no bad things were done, that is Buddhism. This simple understanding of Buddhism was also taught in school history and was also taught as a religion then. Compared to now, Buddhism is no more a religion but a philosophical teaching of mental health and life.
Both Sunny and Emily were introduced to Khenchen Pachimba Dorje Rinpoche back in the late year of 2005. With the introduction, after a few meetings, the perception of life and the teaching of Buddha took a turning point. Khenchen Pachimba Dorje Rinpoche teachings, thoughts and especially his love for his orphanage, have inspired this couple to take up the opportunity to help when life still allow, and hopefully improve their own life as well. This has also created a very close relationship with Khenchen Pachimba Dorje Rinpoche.
Sunny Ho (Paldan Namjal) is a graduate from University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette , Louisiana , United States of America , holding a degree in Electrical Engineering. Although a graduate in Electrical Engineering, Sunny actually started his working career in the telecommunication field and has many years of experiences in designing and rolling out cellular and wireless networks. Still venturing in the telecommunication field, he is now a solution services person trying to help and create solutions to solve network problems. He has never pronounced that he is an expert in anything, for he knows that everyday is another day for learning. A person who listens and thinks logically, and that is why he is also capable of creating solutions to various problems, from technology base to everyday human related issues.
Emily Chan (Yeshi Chosdon) is a self groom entrepreneur. Started working in 1989 for a small company, and later was named as part owner of the company, where the company deals with retailing and distributing dried package foods, tit-bits, biscuits and many more. Although a small company, yet the challenges are great for doing businesses are tough nowadays. A kind hearted person and always thinking of others, even though sometime not within ones means.
Basically the aim of Sunny and Emily were very simple, to help the unfortunate, for love was precious and “HEART” was the root to everything. There are many suffering in the world and money might not solve the suffering, but eventually they believe time, love and heart will help solve it. Getting to know Khenchen Pachimba Dorje Rinpoche, all these became more eminence, coupled with well practices of Buddhist contemplative traditions to possess a wealth of knowledge that can be of great benefit to human well-being and also to enhance the understanding of the deepest questions about life. Although there are still many questions left to be answer in this strange world of ours, eventually we will all get there.
Help us to help yourself and the world to be a better place.
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